Build Spider Limited provides software and services that Build Spider Limited’s clients use to capture and/or manage personal information for business purposes. The software also allows Build Spider Limited’s clients to communicate with their contacts via channels including email and within the Build Spider Limited Platform.
Build Spider Limited reserves the right to review and amend it privacy policy from time to time.

The services Build Spider Limited provides are designed to help our clients get better use from their project administration and from the software. These services may include, software development services, data collecting, and platform usage logging services. Build Spider Limited also uses this software and the information housed within for our own research and marketing.

Definitions used in this policy

‘Personal information’ is information or opinions relating to an individual which can be used to identify that individual and or business which they represent.

Why do Build Spider Limited’s clients collect personal information?

Build Spider Limited’s clients often want to communicate with their clients and prospects in effective, efficient and engaging ways using industry best-practice techniques and approaches. They want to comply with relevant laws by providing easy ways for their clients and prospects to unsubscribe from future messages. They may want to get feedback from clients and prospects through online functionality and feedback or response forms. The software from Build Spider Limited enables all this and is ultimately designed to help our clients provide better products and services to their customers and clients.

Each client of Build Spider Limited uses Build Spider Limited’s software and services in different ways – in essence they control how the software is used. They may have collected their own personal information if, for example, you are a client of theirs. They may also use Build Spider Limited’s software to collect additional information using Build Spider Limited’s software (for example, by searching for companies within Build Spider Limited and adding them as a contact). As such each client of Build Spider Limited will usually have their own privacy policy which should be outlined in their own Terms of Trade or Contracts with these 3rd Parties and not be reliant on any Build Spider Limited policy in respect of third party relationships.

Our clients may use this information to:
  • Communicate with clients and prospects
  • Provide more relevant communications
  • Provide relevant products and services
  • Aggregate groups of people with similar characteristics
  • Undertake quality control procedures
  • Submit or approve progress claims
  • Submit or approve variations
  • Manage retentions

Build Spider Limited’s software includes safeguards to, comply with various laws, for example such as the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act.

What personal information is collected?

It depends very much on the client of Build Spider Limited – this decision rests with them and you should contact them directly for assistance. Some clients will capture very little personal information while others will look to capture more. They may already have personal information if you are a client.

Personal information is owned by our clients. Build Spider Limited never uses this personal information for any reason except in order to provide the software and services.

How is personal information collected?

Our clients may use Build Spider Limited’s software to collect personal information in a number of ways: • From running an online survey • With online forms that ask for personal information

When might personal information be disclosed?

Our clients own the personal information they have collected. Clients may choose to use the software in various ways of their choice however Build Spider Limited will never disclose personal information except to: • The client that owns the personal information • Contractors or subcontractors engaged by the client • Employees of Build Spider Limited in order to assist our clients with the use of the software • Except in relation to the above, or as otherwise required by law, Build Spider Limited will never disclose personal information to any other party.

Security and accuracy of personal information

We use our best efforts to ensure that personal information is stored securely and not misused or disclosed in any unauthorised way. We employ industry standard methods of data storage and security for electronic information, including restricting physical access to offices, as well as imposing firewalls and secure databases to keep personal information secure from misuse, loss or unauthorised use or disclosure.

Everyone who works at Build Spider Limited signs non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements and adheres to strict security policies. We check to make sure people are aware of what they need to do to keep information confidential. Where we no longer require personal information our clients may ask Build Spider Limited to dispose of it. We will take reasonable steps to destroy it.

Access to your personal information

While information remains identifiable, a respondent may request, subject to the requirements of the Privacy Act, access to, or deletion of, any personal information that is held, by contacting the client that owns the personal information. If you’re not sure who to contact then please contact Build Spider Limited and we will endeavour to put you in touch with the appropriate organisation.

Use of cookies

We may also collect non-personal information on your site visit. This information includes your internet service provider, the time and length of your visit, the pages you look at on our sites, and the method by which you arrived at our site. We only use this information on an aggregated basis to measure site activity and to develop ideas for improving our site.


If you have any queries or concerns about Build Spider Limited’s privacy policy please contact the team via email at